Why Rent To Own?


Simple. It is the BEST way to be a homeowner if you have less than perfect credit or are having difficulty qualifying for a traditional mortgage.


Renting to own builds equity and puts the power of home ownership back within reach of those wanting to achieve it.

Rent to Own programs allow you to rent and occupy a house while you are working on getting a traditional loan to buy it and make it your own home. The recent housing market crash and the ensuing recession has led to a dramatic decrease in home prices nationwide.

These historically low prices mean that houses are the most affordable they have ever been. However, recent changes in lending practices means that it is now more difficult for people to qualify to purchase a home with a traditional bank loan.

The bottom line is that renting to own helps to bridge the gap between where you currently are (paying your land lord's mortgage by renting) and where you want to be (building equity by paying you own mortgage)

The process is quick and simple!