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Do you think your credit prevents you from owning a home?

Melissa Jones a single mother of 2 from , had just gone through a tough divorce battle with her ex-husband. After the divorce her ex-husband left and his child support payments where non existent. To make matters worse she was facing an imminent foreclosure on her house. Without the extra income her husband's job provided she simply could no longer afford the payments on her home.

I heard about Melissa from a friend last month and decided to feature her story in our local report. I scheduled an interview with her where she told me her amazing story. "I got the home i wanted even with less than perfect credit. I was able to get monthly payments i could afford and with the rent to own program i will be able to purchase the home later for the same low purchase price the home was listed on the market for today."

With the foreclosure date fast approaching she had to find a housing solution for her and her two kids very quickly. Melisa felt a bit overwhelmed because the divorce had left her with very little money and a ruined credit score.

"I got the home i wanted even with less than perfect credit."
- Melissa Jones

When we asked about what was going through her mind at the time she said “I felt like the world was coming down on me” she went on to say that “she went into panic mode”. “I knew I wanted a home but I could not go back to renting” she explained. According to her renting was like “pouring money down the drain”.

While browsing the internet one evening she came across an ad for a rent to own home. While she wasn't sure what a rent to own program was the house seemed ideal for her (Rent to own is when you rent a property with an agreement to buy it at a later date. A portion of the rent is applied to the purchase price of the house and it is specifically designed for persons with bad credit or who have little money to put towards a down payment).

After reading the details she immediately registered for the program and took the steps recommended. She explained that she "was so excited and could not wait” the thought of getting a new home and proving to her husband that she could finally stand on her own feet was very motivating.

Within a short time she had located her dream home and signed the paper work “The kids are settling in nicely” she explained. “I am so happy I found a new home”.

Quickly, Melissa Jones was able to use the simple Rent to Own System to get the home she really wanted at a price she could afford.

Melissa had never shared her story before, and with her permission, we are putting it public

Step 1
Go to the link below, fill out a basic online form and hit submit at "Rent to Own System"

Step 2
Carefully read and follow all the instructions at Rent to Own System

Step 3
You should receive a list of Rent to Own Homes in your area for you to choose from.

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Read Responses For This Article

"Divorced mom gets Rent To Own deal with bad credit"


   @ 6:53am

The timing of this couldn't be better, my wife and I have been searching for a home for months now, this could be our answer.



   @ 7:24am

I just joined 2 weeks ago and am meeting with 2 rent to own sellers this week. Will let you know how it goes...



   @ 8:58am

Has anyone tried this yet? Looks promising.



   @ 9:00am

@Jim, I've tried this program and it worked pretty well for me. I had bad credit due to some medical bills so i was a bit skeptical but i followed all the steps they recommended and just signed the paper work on my new home. Should be moving in tomorrow :-) Woo hoo!!



   @ 10:47am

Is this for real? I've been working to improve my credit but my loan application was declined by the bank 2 years ago. I need to get a new home now!! so if i can move into the home now while i work on improving my credit then i'm going to give this a try.



   @ 11:36am

I think this could really help me right now. I recently went through a foreclosure so i want to make sure that when i get a new home the payments are affordable.



   @ 12:39am

Just wanted to add a quick point. Rent to own programs definitely do work but just like shopping for anything else you might have to look at a few to get the best deal.



   @ 1:47pm

I agree with @Will. I followed all the steps for the rent to own program and had to talk to a few sellers before finding the house i wanted but in the end my monthly payment is actually less than what i was paying to rent an apartment :)



   @ 2:03pm

This is a pretty cool article. I like that fact that you don't need good credit for it to work.



   @ 2:31pm

I don't know. I'm still kind of worried about the entire thing. I've never heard of rent to own before.



   @ 3:50pm

Does anyone know how long a typical rent to own agreement lasts?



   @ 3:58pm

Hey John, the length of a rent to own agreement depends on what the buyer and seller agree upon. You'll find however that the typical rent to own agreement is between 1 and 2 years.



   @ 4:27pm

Great! I need some time to clean up my credit so that's perfect.



   @ 5:19pm

I've got three kids and a cat. I hate living in a small apartment. I hope this works!!



   @ 6:41pm

I heard that it is a free nationwide program but they're only allowing a limited number of people to join. Can anyone confirm this?



   @ 7:01pm

Linda you are correct. The program is nationwide and free to join but there are more rent to own buyers than rent to own sellers so that's probably why they limit the number of people who can join.



   @ 8:20pm

Sounds like a good program i'm going to see if they'll let me join.



   @ 9:47pm

Hey i thought i would add my story as i'd consider my situation pretty common. My husband and i were working in pretty good jobs before the economy went sour. I got laid off and wasn't able to find another job. We were still doing okay until my husband got laid off as well. Every month we had to dip into our savings to get by until there was nothing left. After falling behind on a couple payments we were lucky in the fact that we were able to sell our home for we owed on the mortgage but that meant we had no home, no jobs and no savings. My husband got another job (pays less) and i now work part time. We were able to buy a new home with the rent to own program and get back on our feet. It isn't as big and doesn't have as many amenities as our old house but at least now we are living within our means.



   @ 9:43pm

This is amazing! I wish I found about this sooner.


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